Valuable Mentor-Advice: “Nourish your external network!”

28. October 2022

Some years ago, I had an exciting job, a lot of responsibility on my shoulders, and I was struggling with my workload. All my focus was on operational priorities, organisational changes, system implementations and team development. I asked my mentor for advice.

I did not expect the answer: “Nourish your external network!”

I was super busy with managing relationships within the organisation with the team and with internal stakeholders. I saw little benefit in investing my valuable time into relationship with people who were not connected to my organisation and who were focused on topics not directly related to my daily challenges.

A few months later my mentor invited me to build the CSCMP Roundtable Switzerland, a Non-Profit organisation to foster networking and learning between Supply Chain professionals. With some doubts I accepted the invitation, and we kicked off the initiative together with other SC professionals.

A few years later I know from experience that a strong external network is…
⇨ a source of inspiration and learning
⇨ opening your mind for new ideas and new initiatives
⇨ providing unexpected support and advice when needed
⇨ building valuable connections and friendships

I am involved in more activities for learning and networking and maybe there is a chance to connect with you at some of those events…
⇨ CSCMP RT Switzerland Event “Digital Supply Chain ” (27th October in Zug / Switzerland) – What a brilliant event yesterday!
⇨ Consilio Summit 2022 (9th/10th Nov in Munich and online)
⇨ CParity Event “S&OP to Integrated Business Planning” (1st/2nd Dec in Amsterdam)
⇨ Monthly iBsing pioneers calls (online)

Thanks to James Amoah for that great advice and thanks to everybody who is contributing to those fantastic networks!


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