“The state of S&OP in Finland”

04. October 2022

“The state of S&OP in Finland” was the topic of the Sep 22 iBsing pioneers call with almost 20 S&OP and IBP practitioners from different industries.

Many thanks to Timo Rantala, who provided the introduction speech and shared preliminary results of an ongoing academic research from Arcada University of applied sciences involving real IBP/S&OP practitioners. Special credit goes also to Henrik Nyman and Linn Hongell, who are conducting that insightful study and had prepared all the materials Timo was presenting. Looking forward to learning more about the final conclusions from the project, which are expected for beginning of next year.

Some key take-aways:
⇨ Benefits of S&OP / IBP:
»Ensuring profitability
»Ensuring alignment
»Avoiding surprises
⇨ Starting point for implementation is in majority of cases “Demand & Supply Planning”
⇨ S&OP vs. IBP: IBP includes financial decisionmaking and implementation of the companies strategy
⇨ “Ambition is often bigger than reality” findings:
»Process and people first (not IT solution)
»Top management support
»Change Management
»Overcomplicating things

Interesting also the breakout session, where we explored four questions from the survey, that resulted in quite different responses:
⇨ What is the purpose of S&OP / IBP?
⇨ Should there be a separate organisation for IBP/S&OP?
⇨ Which to implement first S&OE or S&OP?
⇨ Who should own and facilitate the S&OP / IBP process?

Please find here the presentation