Supply Chain Man

04. October 2020

Expectations towards Supply Chain colleagues are skyrocketing, especially now during the time of the COVID pandemic. No automated SC Management could ever have predicted the impact on consumer demand, supply, and business.
Reflecting on the evolution of SC Management, it was initially focused on storage of products and its material flow. Planning systems then shifted its focus towards mastering the end to end information flow. With the implementation of Sales & Operations Planning, SC Management advanced to being the integrator of departmental business plans. Going forward SC Management’s central role will expand even further by holding the space for higher consciousness in business.
In our latest IBSing Pioneers meeting, several SC leaders shared inspiring stories about providing transparency, improving collaboration and the importance of aligning the business towards the common purpose. All critical imperatives during these exceptional times when automated systems need more of the “sensing” human factor in making key business decisions.
Please let me know, if you are interested to join our IBSing pioneers Network of “Supply-Chain Women and Men” from >40 companies in Switzerland for learning, networking, contributing towards positive change and - to have fun!

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