Passionate about Data Maintenance?

16. June 2023

During my career, I have rarely come across anyone who proclaimed, “I am passionate about master data maintenance!” πŸ₯±

However, I have encountered numerous individuals who wholeheartedly expressed their passion for Supply Chain Planning, Digital Transformation, or IBP (Integrated Business Planning). 😍

It is unfortunate that many overlook the crucial role of solid master data maintenance in these areas. Without it, efforts in Supply Chain Planning, Digital Transformation, and IBP can easily reach roadblocks. β›”

That’s why I am particularly excited to announce thatΒ Jeremy Pyrathon, SC Planning Director at Amcor, will be sharing his invaluable insights and experiences from a highly complex IBP transformation. In this transformation, Jeremy and his team acknowledged the significance of master data maintenance as the critical success factor. πŸ—

If you are an S&OP/IBP practitioner or a Supply Chain lead in the industry, I invite you to join our peer network for learning and networking. Please find the registration link in the comments section. 🀝

Let’s come together to enhance our understanding and foster meaningful connections in our shared professional journey. πŸš€

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