15. September 2023

At a B&B, you never know with whom you will share the breakfast table in the morning. In our case at our holiday this week in Piemonte, it was “Nala,” the resident cat! 😺

B&B? = Bad luck for me & Bad luck for Nala

Bad luck for me, since I am heavily allergic against cats 🤧
Bad luck for Nala, because I did not share the delicious prosciutto, mortadella, and cheese with her. 😾

This got me thinking about business teams. You don’t always get to pick your company at the board meeting, in a project, or during a transformation. But there’s always a way to make it work!

🔍 Innovative Business Sensing (iBsing) is an innovative approach to nourish team engagement and boost organizational performance. One key aspect is building “PARTNERSHIP”. By leveraging our structured approach, which includes sense-making interviews, strategic iBsing Workshops, the PRINT Motivational Model, and conflict resolution training, you can build strong relationships, enhance well-being, and boost organizational performance.

So, whether you need a tip for a nice B&B or you want to strengthen connections within teams, between departments, or even with suppliers or customers – please contact me! 😄

Tanti saluti e a presto! Helmut

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