Influencing Stakeholders II

09. February 2021

Difficult question in yesterday’s IBSing pioneers call. However one thing seems clear: The MAPE of our Forecast will not be good – impossible to predict such a complex issue with high accuracy.

In our discussion about “influencing stakeholders” I captured the following insights from the breakout sessions:
-CONTEXT is important: A change that may seem simple for one function, may be complex for another function
-Understand the LANGUAGE of the other departments. E.g. conflicting targets between Supply Chain and Finance can be worked out with facts and figures
-In the case of resistance, let’s prioritize concerns that drive VALUE FOR THE CUSTOMER
-Even if everybody has agreed about the validity of a change, that does not mean you will get the support. It is important to FORMALIZE AGREEMENTS and have the accountable leaders on board
-If you experience resistance, offer HELP

If you are an S&OP or IBP practitioner and you want to join our peer group, let us know! Next biweekly meeting on 22nd Feb at 16:00-17:00 CET about “Context is important: Applying the Cynefin framework to Business Planning”.


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