I am so -cited!

31. March 2021

-cellent Easter!

  • Run -strashifts in the hen house
  • Build -cess inventory to cover the
  • -ceptional seasonal demand
  • Prevent inventory -spiry issues
  • Secure -sternal supplier capacity
  • Strengthen -schange of information
  • Ask your IBSIng -sperts for -samples
  • and always -spect the un--spected

You are an &/ 拎恫唐h唐h劾攻 in a corporate company? You are passionate about the 拎劾拎休 攻 劾恫攻h突唐h劾攻 突拎唐 of the business? Please contact me if you our your S&OP/IBP colleagues would like to 劾h 氣!

The IBSing pioneers network is a 劾突-恫 拎-劾恫氣 for learning, sharing, fun and networking!
>50 participants from 15 h攻氣突唐恫h
h埠毋休 佞唐h攻
good mixture of 唐♀劾恫 & 拎恫唐h exercises

Next meeting we will discuss mechanisms of
Supply Chain Operating System () standard processes and systems for SC management
Sales & Operations Execution (&) short term mitigation of Demand & Supply challenges
Integrated Business Planning#IBP) tactical orchestration of all departmental plans towards the optimal customer, business and shareholder output
Integrated Business Sensing#IBSing) improvements in culture and organisation

I would like to thank my colleagues and friends from the IBSing pioneers network for the fantastic companionship during a highly rewarding journey towards consciousness in business!


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