How to describe IBP in 5 words?

31. March 2023

Yesterday’s iBsing call brought together IBP experts from various companies and posed an interesting question: “What phrase best describes IBP (maximum 5 words)?” I was impressed by the insightful responses generated in just 2 minutes. What’s your favorite description, or do you have another one to add?

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is…
1.     Strategic in nature
2.     Connected enterprise
3.     Central Risk & Opportunity Management
4.     transparency on where to channel organisation’s efforts
5.     How we run the business
6.     Consolidated view of company plans
7.     Looking from an integrated perspective
8.     Financially driven
9.     Working with 1 truth
10. Flow towards one goal
11. One Team – One Plan
12. Controlling your organisation’s destiny
13. Organised Common Sense
14. cross functional Management tool
15. Decisions, risks and opportunities
16. Linking today to strategic goals
17. everyone uses same data basis
18. Leverage tensions to improve performance


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