Holding Space for Consciousness…

05. November 2020

“There were contentious discussions and clashes of opinion, and it sometimes seemed that misunderstanding would doom the negotiations. But they ended in success, because the parties to this complex diplomatic process showed foresight as well courage and a sense of high responsibility.”  Mikhail Gorbachev, November 11, 2019 issue of TIME

On Nov. 9, 1989, a complex evolutionary change resulted into the fall of the Berlin Wall and the peaceful reunification of Germany.
When Mikhail Gorbachev is asked about the main hero of that time, his answer is “the people…. The Germans, who declared their will for national unity decisively and, most importantly, in a peaceful way. And of course the Russians, who understood the Germans’ aspirations, who believed that Germany had indeed changed and supported the will of the German people.”
Mikhail Gorbachev has greatly contributed to that peaceful change, because he was holding the space for consciousness. His actions were not driven by fear out of the past, but by emerging opportunities into the future.

Holding space for consciousness and opening up for dialogue – in politics, communities, education, healthcare, business, family… – a powerful way for improvement!

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