iBsing Purpose and Values


“With high team engagement to excellent organizational performance.”

Main Values:

1.CONSCIOUSNESS by taking a helicopter-perspective

2.ENTREPRENEUR-SHIP by striving to fulfill the spirit of the calling

3.PARTNER-SHIP by putting the autonomy in the service of collective purpose

4.MENTOR-SHIP by clarifying the essential intent and inspiring others towards the organisational purpose

iBsing Enablers:

The iBsing enablers offer value by helping organizations overcome complexity so as to achieve their business objectives more efficiently.

  1. IBP Vision: A clearly defined organisational purpose, financial health, ground-rules of collaboration, processes
  2. Leveraging Tensions: conflicts are welcomed gifts for performance improvement and learning
  3. Effective Transparency: everybody has access to the same information for decision-making
  4. Dynamic Accountability: assignment of granular roles with clearly defined purpose, domains and accountabilities
  5. Consent Decisions: faster and more effective decisions by distinguishing between valid and non-valid objections
  6. Essential Intent: sensing into the current moment and taking decisions aligned with what is emerging into the future
  7. Self Correction: each individual colleague is sensing tensions and taking accountability to initiate resolution in the framework of a solid governance structure