iBsing Approach


iBsing follows an evolutionary approach. After the onboarding of a new customer, the first “sense – respond – reflect” cycle will be started, which will take 2-4 months. This will allow the customer to determine the speed and intensity of the chosen activities, and to always focus on the most essential need and to benefit from learnings in the next cycle.


In the initiating phase, the iBsing program is presented to the leader of the organisation. In this phase it is about finding a correlation between the current challenges and the emerging potential of the organisation and comparing this with the offering of the iBsing program to then decide which investment to best make as a next step.


The sense-making phase consists of a series of interviews with the leader of the organisation and 8-12 colleagues to determine the challenges and opportunities in organisational performance (KPIs) and the related opportunities to increase organisational & cultural maturity (OCM). Based on the output of this phase, the leader is then supported to define the essential intent of the organisation.


Based on the essential intent, the team is supported in driving improvements according to the iBsing values (personal and organisational) consciousness, entrepreneur-ship, partner-ship and mentor-ship.


KPIs and CCIs are reviewed. Successes are celebrated and failures are acknowledged without judgement and learnings are applied. The team is ready to start the next cycle with the sense-making phase.