Focus on Team Engagement

The Why of you Powered by PRINT®, is a breakthrough model of human motivation and behaviour that was developed by The Paul Hertz Group. This motivational model is possibly the ideal starting point for your iBsing journey.

The approach is used to enhance understanding of the way people react and how they relate by explaining the “why” behind their behaviour – why people act as they do, why they make certain choices, why they are attracted to certain things and why they function better in certain situations than others.

Everyone has core motivations that drive their actions and behaviours. PRINT® reveals what these motivators are and in doing so, clarifies what is needed to bring out people’s best. It helps unleash the potential that lies within all people. PRINT® is a valuable guide to create success and reveal what can be done to face and overcome one’s challenges. PRINT® builds insight into others, as well as one’s self.

I took the survey as part of a regional leadership team meeting in an international corporate company, with outstanding value for team collaboration. In addition, I have incorporated the insight and knowledge gained into my everyday experience. It truly is transformational in business and in private life!

Consider PRINT as you build a highly engaged and high performing team!