Focus - Change Enablement

Is there an occasion that you can remember achieving fantastic results while you were part of a high performing team? If yes - in all likelihood the team were all focused on the same objectives, enjoyed respectful collaboration, had a safe environment to address conflicts, clear communication and healthy dialogue were followed, quick and insightful decisions were made, clear roles and responsibilities were defined, a „can do“-attitude was embraced and everyone was learning from their mistakes and all this was achieved in the spirit of fun.

If not and you would like experience this level of teamwork, IBsing can support your team with the IBSing framework to achieve the business improvements whilst also driving sustainable cultural improvements that will lead to team engagement, talent retainment, organizational learning, and improved stakeholder management.

Burning Platform

When an organization is on a burning platform, the urgency to implement and sustain a major change could be driven by the price of unresolved problems or the cost of missed opportunities. A burning platform could be related to a broad variety of business challenges such as lost sales, unhappy customers, mental health issues of employees, low productivity, obsolete inventories, high CAPEX, compliance & quality issues.

Traditional Change Management

Despite big focus change management methodologies, processes, tools, trainings, traditional ways do not always lead to success.

70 % of change programs fail to achieve their goals, largely due to employee resistance and lack of management support.

(B. Ewenstein, McKinsey, 2015)

iBsing Framework

The iBsing framework is offering to Change Management teams a systematic toolkit covering the human and organisational aspects of change management.

Business Transformation + iBsing

High performing teams have the organisational improvement in mind and are collaborating effectively to achieve the target

Organisational Performance

From my experience in more than 20 successful projects in corporate companies, I have seen that high performance teams with focus on the human and organisational elements will much more likely achieve their targets.

  • Sales Revenues(↑ 5%-30%)
  • Customer Service (↑ 10%-50%)
  • Costs: Inventory (↓ 10%-20% YOY)
  • Asset Productivity (↑ 10%-20% )
  • Write-Offs (↓ 10%-30%)
  • Quality Defects (↓ 50%-100% )
  • Employee Engagement (↑ scores beyond benchmark)