iBsing Expert Pool

Please find below the independent members of the iBsing Expert Pool, who will be able to provide high quality support across all elements of the holistic iBsing framework.

Helmut Leitner

Holding space for consciousness in business to nurture team engagement and boost organisational performance

Over more than two decades, I have been driving significant business improvements in senior leadership roles in E2E Supply Chain in FMCG (Johnson & Johnson), Pharma (Merck, Sharp & Dohme) and Medical Devices (Smith & Nephew). My focus has been around leading Integrated Business Planning (IBP), and I have been driving successfully large scale cross-functional transformations.

During my career in corporate functions I had a strong focus on process and system (Six Sigma / Lean Blackbelt, APICS CPIM), always convinced that people are the most important asset.

Over the last five years,  I have been exploring different areas of personal development and organisational development (Mindfulness, Non Violent Communication, Sociocracy 3.0, Holacracy, Cynefin, PRINT ®, Theory U) which have been a source of inspiration during the development of the holistic iBsing framework.

Alpaslan Keser

Fascinated by the way things work. Combining Operational Excellence with Digital Capabilities for end2end Supply Chain.

With experience in the end-to-end product supply chain, I am a Supply Chain and Operational Excellence Generalist. Besides being a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, I am also a Prosci Change Management Practitioner and a Hoshin Kanri Strategy Deployment Expert.

I have held strategic and tactical roles in Supply Chain Management, Operational Excellence, Production Management, Business Continuity Management, SCM Consultancy, Procurement, and Financial Controlling. My professional career highlights stand at Hoechst, Sanofi, Bayer (Pharma, Consumer Health, Medical Devices, and Animal Health divisions), and Zentiva pharmaceuticals - covering the site, country, regional, and global level responsibilities. I also partnered with a Supply Chain optimization consultancy company.

My passion is authentic change & transformation leadership, continuously seeking to add value with a servant-leadership style.

Sonja Kilbertus

Supporting people in embodying responsibility for their feelings, needs and actions, that leads to more satisfying communication, relationships and team results

I am working as a NVC trainer for the trainingcompany FOKUS EMPATHIE in canton Zurich. My teaching is based on 7 years of education and practicing in Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

I have been working for 12 years in the filmindustry, as filmproducer and company owner in Switzerland and Germany.

I am passionate about leading team processes and enjoy when I witness a team finding more meaning or better connection and when stronger, more creative products evolve.

Additionally I am Chairperson for the section filmfunding at the Swiss filmfund Aargauer Kuratorium and I volunteer at the prison JVA St. Johannsen as a sparring partner for an inmate.


Francois Fowler

Mastering what Matters

I am privileged to have worked for many leading corporations namely; Roche, Bayer and Bausch & Lomb, before finalizing my corporate career at JnJ as Global Marketing Director. In this role I identified the need to address the low moral within the Global Marketing Team and deployed a ”Strengths” based development program.

Designing, implementing and facilitating this program is where I found my passion for transformational coaching and decided to fulfill my calling by certifying as CliftonStrengths© Coach and helping International Corporations improve their engagement and productivity scores.

I hold an MBA in marketing and a PhD in Humanistic Science and draw inspiration from transforming companies’ corporate cultures and mentoring clients on self-mastery. I combine my intimate understanding of human behavior with my broad corporate experience, to offer training and consulting from a hands-on, in the “trenches” perspective, always with the singular purpose of achieving measurable transformational change, both organizationally and individually by leveraging the best of many different coaching modalities.

Timo Bezjak

Willkommen! - Sfera. Gute Arbeit!

Companion in learning and growing your new ways of collaborating effectively

I build organizational transformation with agile and sociocratic social technology.

I coach self-organising, cross-functional organizations for collective intelligence, responsibility, and effectiveness.

I help organizations distribute influence, ensure equivalence and focus on value creation.

I’m a computer engineer by education. My tools of the trade are Sociocracy 3.0, Scrum, Kanban, The Responsibility Process, and Cynefin.


Christoph Meier

Willkommen! - Sfera. Gute Arbeit!

Engaging individuals in their own growth and learning beyond their imagined limits to foster collective organizational evolution.

I teach and coach individuals to unblock their collective potential in their organisations and challenge their imagined limits and assumptions.

Some of my tools have names such as Scrum, Kanban, Sociocracy 3.0, Holacracy, The Responsibility Process, Cynefin, SenseMaker, Clean Language.

I am a natural scientist by education, improviser by training, software developer by doing, and coach by perpetuated learning and reflection.