Departmental Silos? – Activating “Human Sensor Networks”!

02. March 2021

Why do matrix organisations experience departmental silos especially in moments of crisis?

Dave Snowden and Alessandro Rancati have published a valuable field guide*, that proposes a four-stage approach to improve decision-making in crisis situations. Two actions that I find personally especially powerful and underutilized in corporate environments:
1) IMPLEMENTING HUMAN SENSOR NETWORKS (“Ask cognitively, culturally and experientially diverse groups of people to assess the situation independently of each other without the chance of cross connection.”)
2) DISTRIBUTING ENGAGEMENT (“distributed sensor networks and fast feedback loops to detect and manage weak signals”)

*source: the EU field guide “managing complexity (and chaos) in times of crisis” inspired by the Cynefin framework

The employees acting as “sensors” of the organisation and breaking silo walls – does that resonate with you?

#Cynefin #S&OP #IBP #IBSing Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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