Real Entrepreneurship = No Fingerpointing

16. Dezember 2020

Key highlights from IBSing pioneer call on 7th Dec 2020 (Topic: Organisational Alignment)
ACCOUNTABILITY: Organisations with a high level of self-organisation and entrepreneurship are disciplined and structured in defining accountabilities of functions and roles at a granular level
GOVERNANCE: Organisational alignment is a dynamic process, and there are appropriate governance structures to ensure continuous improvement
ATTITUDE & BEHAVIOUR: Organisational alignment is strongly supported by people who are proactively connecting to other functions. Cross-functional dialogue reduces human bias and will facilitate critical information flow.
RISKS & OPPORTUNITIES: Scenario Planning is a great way to provide transparency on different business options – not necessarily taking decisions immediately, but keeping the options open.
LEADERSHIP: The board plays a crucial role in pointing the team towards organisational purpose and essential intent of the organisation