David Essenopee and Laura Ibsing

09. March 2021

On the “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY” a group of IBSing pioneers came together to discuss competencies of the future S&OP leader.
We looked at the profile of DAVID: An excellent traditional S&OP leader, but not fully prepared for an increasingly complex business environment.
LAURA Ibsing was born: A MINDFUL and RELAXED leader, with a BENEVOLENT collaboration style, who is acting as an ENTREPRENEUR, clearly understands the PURPOSE and the ESSENTIAL priorities of the business and who is always curious to LEARN new things.
I can not tell you, how that story will continue. I guess David Essenopee will fall in love with Laura Ibsing and will change his name to David Ibsing….who knows?
A special thank you to Gianluca Calani for the excellent preparation of the enjoyable session, and all the participants for sharing their insights on hard and soft skills of those facilitators.
If you are an S&OP/IBP practitioner and want to become also an IBSing expert, and you want to join our biweekly call, please let me know.

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