CParity Event in Amsterdam

07. June 2023

🌟 Exciting news! Join me at the CParity Event where I’ll discuss achieving success in digital transformation projects.

📊 According to a recent survey in my network approximately 20% of projects actually achieve their business case. Sadly, the majority of digital transformations face challenges in at least one of these key areas:

1️⃣ Value: Delivering intended benefits to the organization and customers.
2️⃣ Costs: Avoiding budget overruns.
3️⃣ Timelines: Meeting original project schedules.
4️⃣ Workload: Ensuring manageable team efforts.

🔎 Silo-focused approaches and internal misalignment often contribute to these shortcomings.

🤝 At the event, I’ll share insights on how to strike the right balance between Operations, Change Management, and Change Enablement, fostering collaboration across functions for shared success.

🗓️ I’m excited to meet friends, ex-colleagues, and other Supply Chain professionals at the event. If you’re in Amsterdam, don’t hesitate to reach out! Let’s learn from each other.


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