Consent Decision-Making and Systemic Consensus

09. November 2020

CONSENT DECISION-MAKING and SYSTEMIC CONSENSUS have huge potential to improve efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making by LEVERAGING THE DIVERSITY & POWER OF THE TEAM! That is our main conclusion from yesterday’s IBSing call, where we reflected on decision-making in business.

TOP DOWN DECISION (β€œI am the boss, I decide!”) – popular
😊 quick action, standardisation
☹ missing customer or operational insights, no empowerment

CONSENSUS DECISION (β€œLet’s make sure everybody does agree!”) – popular
😊 engaging people and motivating
☹ endless discussions, unclear accountabilities

DEMOCRATIC VOTE (β€œWhat’s the most popular option?”) – rare
😊 engagement
☹ minorities have little voice

MERITOCRATIC DECISION (β€œLet the experts decide!”) – rare
😊 if historical experience is relevant
☹ expert identification

UNDERUTILIZED in Business Planning processes:

CONSENT DECISION-MAKING (β€œI have a proposal, are there any objections before we execute?”)
😊 entrepreneurship, good insights, quick action
☹ good is good enough approach

SYSTEMIC CONSENSUS (β€œWhat’s the level of resistance against each option?”)
😊 engagement, relevant insights available, voice of minorities reflected
☹ requires some practice

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