Breaking Silo Walls with IBP and iBsing

23. August 2023

📣 Calling S&OP / IBP Practitioners! 🌟

Join our insightful iBsing Pioneers session – a monthly deep dive into a pivotal topic: the human dimension of business transformation.

🔍 In the 46th call we will be exploring the “Silofocus” Effect. As I crafted Integrated Business Sensing (iBsing), a revelation dawned – the mighty impact of “Silo-focus” on shadow behaviours within companies. Let’s tackle these challenges head-on!

💡 We’ll cover:
-Root causes of silo thinking and critical enablers to connect functions.
-The effect of silo-thinking on the organisation.
-Tactics to dissolve hindering “shadow behaviours.”
-Fostering a culture of “best-self behaviours” across functions.

🤝 S&OP / IBP professionals from the industry – your presence is invaluable in that peer network. Expect dynamic learning, insightful discourse, and priceless connections.

📌 Secure your spot:
Find the registration link in the comments or reach out to me directly. Your active engagement will amplify the session’s impact.

A big thank you to our invaluable participants, shaping these sessions into knowledge hubs!

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