From Chaos to Order – IBSing Sensemaking


Even the best OPERATING SYSTEM and the best S&OP PROCESS will not bring ORDER out of sudden CHAOS! Imagine your organisation is confronted with a sudden global raw material shortage affecting a critical ingredient of your product: The “operating system” does not provide a standard solution. Balancing demand and supply in S&OP does not resolve […] more

Looking forward to shaking hands and exchanging business cards!


What you get is the "HELIBLICK"? consciousness about what's going on with yourself in an emotional moment consciousness about what's going on with your team during a conflict situation consciousness about what's going on with your team during conflicting organisational priorities, more

David Essenopee and Laura Ibsing


On the “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY” a group of IBSing pioneers came together to discuss competencies of the future S&OP leader. We looked at the profile of DAVID: An excellent traditional S&OP leader, but not fully prepared for an increasingly complex business environment. LAURA Ibsing was born: A MINDFUL and RELAXED leader, with a BENEVOLENT collaboration […] more

Departmental Silos? – Activating “Human Sensor Networks”!


Why do matrix organisations experience departmental silos especially in moments of crisis? Dave Snowden and Alessandro Rancati have published a valuable field guide*, that proposes a four-stage approach to improve decision-making in crisis situations. Two actions that I find personally especially powerful more

Focus on Team Well-Being and Collaboration!


How can you HELP YOUR TEAM during the pandemic crisis and strengthen well-being & collaboration & performance in your organisation? The Why of you Powered by PRINT® is a breakthrough model of human motivation and behaviour that was developed by The Paul Hertz Group. This motivational model is the ideal starting point for your IBSing […] more

IBSing Sense-Making – You will be surprised!


Are you a leader of a big department or cross-functional team and would you like to help YOUR TEAM TO THRIVE in the context of a SPECIFIC CHALLENGE? I will offer an IBSing SENSEMAKING diagnosis, that will reveal the potential for transformational improvement of your organisation. I will offer that to three companies – AT […] more

Leadership Trainings and Kids’ Birthday Parties


Fifteen years ago we organised our son’s birthday party. Everything under control, I thought. I had already done a lot of corporate leadership trainings and prepared accordingly! A project plan with milestones, learning objectives, a competition game between yellow, green and black belts, and incentives linked to targets. The picture says more than 1000 words! […] more

Influencing Stakeholders II


Difficult question in yesterday’s IBSing pioneers call. However one thing seems clear: The MAPE of our Forecast will not be good – impossible to predict such a complex issue with high accuracy. In our discussion about “influencing stakeholders” I captured the following insights from the breakout sessions: -CONTEXT is important: A change that may seem […] more

Which book has broadened your horizon?


The power of diversity: At first glance the following books and authors seem quite different. However all of them have been a source of inspiration and valuable perspectives in the development of the framework to increase “consciousness in business”. The 7 Habits of highly effective people – Stephen R. Covey Full Catastrophe Living – Jon Kabat-Zinn […] more



The choice to see another as either a person or an object is a choice between whether we will see and experience ourselves and others truthfully or erroneously. The Arbinger Institute: Leadership and Self-Deception In cross-functional processes like S&OP and IBP, we often talk about the importance of “INFLUENCING STAKEHOLDERS”. I felt some resistance when […] more

Conscious Leadership “A leader is best when people barely know he exists”


Which leader comes to mind, when you read the following phrase? “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” Laozi I was lucky to get to know several awesome leaders during my career. One of them is Bill […] more

9 Learnings from the IBSing Pioneers Group


Yesterday’s 8th IBSing pioneers network group meeting was about “Learning – from top down strategy to self-correction”. Thanks to my colleagues from the IBSing pioneers group for a lot of fun, inspiration and learnings! 1 – Sense-Making: Forget about capability assessments in complex environments! 2 – Identity: Storytelling is a powerful way to sense the […] more

Most important business priority in 2021?


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! What is the most important business priority in 2021? Physical Health? Environment? Social Peace? Mindfulness? Education? A bit of everything? Any answer is right, if we take action. 2020 was a challenging year, teaching us a lot about what is important in life. 2021 is an ideal opportunity to make some […] more

“Santa Claus” or “Christkind?” – Who is bringing theses gifts?


That question will not be answered on our new website! Merry Christmas! The IBSing website is live, what an awesome Christmas gift for me after so much work! WHO is bringing us such wonderful gifts? ST. NICHOLAS became the patron saint of children and the poor, giving small presents since the 4th century. Promulgated by […] more

Coaching myself through a conflict….


😤 Calm down and take a breath 🥴 Avoid personal judgements and wild interpretations 😳 Connect to your feelings and personal needs 🙄 Listen empathetically and be curious about the other person’s needs 🤗 Start a dialogue to define a strategy based on needs 🤩 Welcome the emerging solution openly 🤓 Capture the learning 🙃 […] more

Real Entrepreneurship = No Fingerpointing


Key highlights from IBSing pioneer call on 7th Dec 2020 (Topic: Organisational Alignment) ACCOUNTABILITY: Organisations with a high level of self-organisation and entrepreneurship are disciplined and structured in defining accountabilities of functions and roles at a granular level GOVERNANCE: Organisational alignment is more



Thanks to the IBSing pioneers for the inspiring session! Here are key take away’s: 🔥 UNDERSTAND THE CONTEXT -simple – sense, categorize, respond to fire -complicated – sense, analyse with expertise, respond to fire -complex – probe with experiments, sense if you see improvements, and respond accordingly -chaotic – act, sense if you see improvements, […] more

The unknown unknowns in your business


Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don't know we don't... more

Consent Decision-Making and Systemic Consensus


CONSENT DECISION-MAKING and SYSTEMIC CONSENSUS have huge potential to improve efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making by LEVERAGING THE DIVERSITY & POWER OF THE TEAM! That is our main conclusion from yesterday's IBSing call, where we reflected on decision-making in business. TOP DOWN DECISION more

Holding Space for Consciousness…


"There were contentious discussions and clashes of opinion, and it sometimes seemed that misunderstanding would doom the negotiations. But they ended in success, because the parties to this complex diplomatic process showed foresight as well courage and a sense of high responsibility."  Mikhail Gorbachev, more

Feelings in Business?


❤️Feelings in business? No way, I hate feelings and emojis! Absolutely unprofessional! 😡 Many of the most compelling love stories are unfortunately tragic ones like ROMEO❤️JULIET In business, tragic love stories also exist between RESULTS❤️BEHAVIOURS: “LOST REVENUES”❤️“SILO-THINKING” “EXPLODING INVENTORIES”❤️“DRIVING OWN AGENDA” more

Full Transparency


HOW TO ACHIEVE FULL TRANSPARENCY IN BUSINESS? (summing up an Integrated Business Sensing (IBSing) meeting) 1) BARRIERS: Lack of trust, not aligned goals, gap denial culture, fiscal setup, organisational structure, unclear roles and responsibilities, fear culture, missing ground-rules, different data sets, information overload, confidentiality, too much detail, missing system access, more

Artful Participation


My personal key take-away from an inspiring S3 workshop in Winterthur? Be mindful during interactions asking yourself the question regarding artful participation: “Is my behaviour in this moment the greatest contribution I can make to the effectiveness of this collaboration?” (Sociocracy 3.0) Less small talk, less debating, less ego, more consciousness about organisational drivers and […] more

Supply Chain Man


Expectations towards Supply Chain colleagues are skyrocketing, especially now during the time of the COVID pandemic. No automated SC Management could ever have predicted the impact on consumer demand, supply, and business. Reflecting on the evolution of SC Management, it was initially focused on storage of products and its material flow. Planning systems then shifted […] more

The Glass is Half Full


LinkedIn Article The Glass is Half Full Traditional Corporate companies are behaving like machines and follow a “predict and control” approach. Issues are addressed, assuming that everything can be fixed as soon as the “cause and effect” relationship is understood. This approach works fine to master complicated issues, but that is not good enough to […] more

Which New Paradigms Are Most Critical in a Complex Environment?


WHAT IS YOUR OPINION? How can traditional organisations, who are behaving like “machines”, get ready for the future, and behave like “living organisms”. On which new paradigms should those organisations focus first? On Monday, 14th Sep from 16:00-17:00 CET, we will kick off the “IBSing Practitioner” group to foster attainment of consciousness in business and […] more

How to Boost Employee Engagement and Sustainable Business Growth


LinkedIn Article Dec 9, 2019 50th birthday – time to start something new On Sunday the 7th December 1969, my humble self, called “Heli”, was born. Nomen est omen – the name is program – 50 years later, I increasingly take a helicopter-perspective in my private and professional life. On my 50th birthday, I am […] more