Artificial Intelligence will not replace S&OP Teamwork

20. April 2021

In yesterday’s IBSing pioneers call, S&OP leaders from different industries talked about “Artificial Intelligence (AI) in S&OP”. It took us about 2 minutes to come up with > 20 examples of AI in private life. However we struggled to come up with really exciting AI examples as part of our S&OP.

Do you have examples?

In S&OP we often handle complex issues with tangled roots, different stakeholders, no precedent cases, and unlimited options to respond. The HBR article “Strategy as a Wicked Problem” by J.C. Camillus is providing guidance how to find solutions:
⇨ Involve stakeholders, document options, and communicate (using social planning processes)
⇨ Define the corporate identity (values, organisational competencies, aspirations)
⇨ Focus on actions (experiment with a number of strategies in an environment where every response will alter the problem)
⇨ Adopt a “feed-forward” orientation (envision the future and scan environment for weak signals)

Based on that, the key to success seems to be less in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, but rather in TEAMWORK! Please check out the IBSing framework for improving that aspect in your business!

Thanks to ANNA and to all the participants for an insightful session!


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