Typical Tensions

  • Stress is negatively impacting personal well-being
  • Shadow behaviours are endangering successful collaboration
  • Defensive behaviours are a barrier for unleashing the maximum team performance
  • Personal judgments, cynicism and fear are draining energy and blocking improvements
  • Egocentric debating culture leading to organisational inefficiency and personal frustration, because critical contributions are not embedded into solution-making

iBsing Solutions

  • PRINT® survey (20 min)
  • PRINT® individual coaching session (1.5 hours per team member)
  • PRINT® Team Workshop (8-16 hours)
  • Coaching "on the job"
  • Team Workshop for "iBsing Conflict Resolution in Business" (8-16 hours)


  • Awareness of own unconscious motivators®, best self behaviours, shadow behaviours, triggers and strategies to remain in best self behaviour
  • Enhanced understanding of unconscious motivators® within the team and learning strategies to build on the diversity of the team with improved communication and engagement
  • Conflicts are welcomed as opportunity to improve
  • "iBsing conflict resolution"-model is used as a reference to resolve complex dilemmas
  • Employees are familiar with and applying “Non Violent Communication” principles
  • More meaningful dialogue