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Integrated Identity

  • define the Organisational Purpose and Values
  • experience the importance of “Storytelling” for team alignment


  • understand personal Unconscious Motivators®, Best Self, Triggers, Shadow Behavior, Strategies for Staying in “Best Self”
  • help others to stay in “Best Self”, untapping “Unconscious Motivators” to leverage diversity in the team
  • welcome conflicts as opportunity for organisational improvement
  • use the “iBsing Conflict Resolution”-Model as a reference for handling complex business dilemmas


  • master clear, concise, holistic written communication for effective and efficient decision-making
  • reduce the email overload
  • develop and drive an effective and efficient escalation process

Organisational Alignment

  • develop SIPOCs with clear processes, responsibilities, inputs and outputs
  • review current roles, domains, policies and align with organisational principles
  • foster accountability


  • understand different decision-making processes with their respective advantages and disadvantages
  • learn to use “Consent” and “Systemic Consensus” for fast and effective decision-making


  • capture the ongoing business complexity in a snapshot of narratives, images and/or a map
  • gain a common understanding of the current situation and organisational health
  • overcome obstacles towards the essential intent


  • apply the principles of evolutionary development (Toyota Kata methodology)
  • run governance processes for continuous learning and step by step improvement of the organisational framework
  • embed learnings from the daily business into the operating system and into standard work