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– capture the ongoing business complexity in a snapshot of narratives, images and/or a map
– gain a common understanding of the current situation
– define the essential intent
– act to change the system for iterative improvement and learning


Define the Organisational Purpose and Values and experience the importance of “Storytelling” for team alignment.

Artful Participation

Understand Unconscious Motivators®, Best Self, Triggers, Shadow Behavior, Strategies for Staying in “Best Self”, helping others to stay in “Best Self”, untapping “Unconscious Motivators” to leverage diversity in the team.

Conflict Resolution

Welcome conflicts as opportunity for organisational improvement. Understand the principles of “Non Violent Communication” and use the “IBSing Conflict Resolution”-Model as a reference for handling complex business dilemmas.


Master clear, concise, holistic written communication for effective and efficient decision-making and reduce the email overload.


Understand different decision-making processes with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Learn to use “Consent” and “Systemic Consensus” for fast and effective decision-making.

Organisational Alignment

Review current roles, domains, policies and align with organisational principles and foster accountability.


Identify the essential intent of the organisation and monitor the execution with the organisational “health check”.


Apply the principles of evolutionary development and run governance processes for continuous learning and step by step improvement of the organisational framework.


The iBsing partner-network includes experts in a wide range of fields including  Team Development, Personal Development, Non-Violent Communication, Organisational Development (Sociocracy 3.0), Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Change Management.