9 Learnings from the IBSing Pioneers Group

12. January 2021

Yesterday’s 8th IBSing pioneers network group meeting was about “Learning – from top down strategy to self-correction”.
Thanks to my colleagues from the IBSing pioneers group for a lot of fun, inspiration and learnings!

1 – Sense-Making: Forget about capability assessments in complex environments!

2 – Identity: Storytelling is a powerful way to sense the organisational purpose!

3 – Artful participation: Behind each stress symptom there are valid personal needs!

4 – Conflict Resolution: >70% of our messages and thoughts during conflicts are counterproductive

5 – Communication: Bad culture is the biggest barrier for good communication!

6 – Decision-making: “Consent” and “systemic consensus” speed up and improve decision-making

7 – Organisational alignment: Clear alignment on accountabilities will reduce finger-pointing!

8 – Execution: Before starting firefighting, understand the context!

9 – Learning: We can learn more from our mistakes, than from others’ best practices

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