From Shadow to Best Self

18. April 2023

“Shadow behaviours” can be a major cause of dysfunction in organizations. But which one is the most critical to address? In our next iBsing pioneers call, we’ll be exploring this topic and discussing how we can shift from these negative behaviours to our “best selves.”

To kick off the conversation, I’d like to know your thoughts on the most destructive shadow behaviour that undermines organizational effectiveness and performance. Some examples I have are silo-focused thinking, hidden agendas, sandbagging and sugar-coating.

I invite IBP/S&OP practitioners to join us on Monday, April 24th from 4-5pm CEST for a peer network call. Let’s share our experiences and discuss how we can address these behaviours to achieve better outcomes. Register on the iBsing website or contact me directly for more information.

So, what’s your “favourite” shadow behaviour?


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