“Santa Claus” or “Christkind?” – Who is bringing theses gifts?

23. December 2020

That question will not be answered on our new website!

Merry Christmas!

The IBSing website is live, what an awesome Christmas gift for me after so much work!

WHO is bringing us such wonderful gifts?
ST. NICHOLAS became the patron saint of children and the poor, giving small presents since the 4th century. Promulgated by Martin Luther in 16th–century Europe, the CHRISTKIND, a blond and curly-haired kid with angel-wings, became the gift-bringer in central Europe. After Coca Cola`s ad campaign in 1932, “SANTA CLAUS” became the American version of St. Nicholas, coming down the chimney with surprises.

Confused? Just ask children. They know exactly who is bringing their Christmas toys!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year 2021!

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