You are…

  • leading a suborganisation, department or team in a complex matrix organization?
  • running Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE), Integrated Business Planning (IBP) or other business processes that require cross-functional engagement?
  • driving significant transformational change (IBP implementations, system implementations, organisational redesign)?

You want…

  • better organizational performance (short/mid term financial KPIs) around revenues, margin, cost, quality
  • to nourish team engagement and a change in culture with sustainable  improvements in talent retainment, organizational learning, and stakeholder relationship

Starting point for improvement

1) Enhancing your Integrated Business Planning (IBP) with IBSing

2) Accompanying a specific Transformational Change with IBSing

3) “Artful Participation” Workshop to support your team in difficult period

iBsing offers you

  • a holistic program to improve your organizational framework and culture
  • a network of experts that is enabling your teams and organization to unleash the full potential

iBsing Approach

Cyclical Step by Step approach driven by customer requirement

  • Sense the emerging potential
  • Respond to the essential intent
  • Reflect on results and learnings

iBsing Introduction Events

Register here for a 30 min overview session to the innovate iBsing framework with Helmut! Looking forward to having a discussion with you!

Next regular session: Mon, 28th November 15:30-15:55 CET


“37th iBsing Pioneers Meeting”

Next meeting on Mon, 28th November 2022 16:00-17:00 CET.

Topic: “Process analytics, process execution & automation and scenario building by using process mining technology.”

Speaker: Heymen Jansen ex-Group VP SC at ABB