You are…

  • leading a suborganisation, department or team in a complex matrix organization?
  • running Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE), Integrated Business Planning (IBP) or other business processes that require cross-functional engagement?
  • driving significant transformational change (IBP implementations, system implementations, organisational redesign)?

You want…

  • better organizational performance (short/mid term financial KPIs) around revenues, margin, cost, quality
  • to nourish team engagement and a change in culture with sustainable  improvements in talent retainment, organizational learning, and stakeholder relationship

Starting point for improvement

1) Enhancing your Integrated Business Planning (IBP) with Integrated Business Sensing (iBsing)

2) Accompanying a specific Transformational Change with Integrated Business Sensing (iBsing)

3) “Artful Participation” Workshop to support your team in difficult period

iBsing offers you

  • a holistic program to improve your organizational framework and culture
  • a network of experts that is enabling your teams and organization to unleash the full potential

iBsing Approach

Cyclical Step by Step approach driven by customer requirement

  • Sense the emerging potential
  • Respond to the essential intent
  • Reflect on results and learnings

iBsing Introduction Events

Register here for a 30 min overview session to the innovate iBsing framework with Helmut! Looking forward to having a discussion with you!

Next regular session: Mon, 27th March 15:30-15:55 CET


“41st iBsing Pioneers Meeting”

Next meeting on Mon, 27th March 2023 16:00-17:00 CET.

Topic: “One (set of) Number (s) ???”

Speaker: Neil MacLeod, a passionate IBP practitioner!